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This is not a review: Initial D The Movie: Legend 1 Awakening

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Just watched Initial D The Movie: Legend 1 Awakening last night.

Saw the trailer few weeks ago and being an Initial D fan back when I was in  high school, I decided to watch to re-ignite the love for this anime.

After that, today I decided to re-watch the First Stage.

Here are my thoughts on the movie:

1. Artworks

Definitely better graphics vs the anime series that started 1998. Some comparison below.

Much defined colours & cleaner art styles.

Below are the posters & artworks of the movie & series.

2. Voice actor

Not much comment as I used to watch in Cantonese dub.

I just watched in Japanese dub a moment ago with my beloved seiyuu, Shinichirou Miki as Takumi (bias because he voiced my beloved Tsuzuki-san). The new movie have Mamoru Miyano as Takumi.

Somehow, the feels that the character gave out feels different. I wonder if it’s because Shinichirou Miki’s are slightly deeper than Mamoru Miyano. Nevertheless, I think I can accept Mamoru Miyano as Takumi’s voice.


3. Music

Anime series win hands down in terms of OST. Avex did a great job with the beat and the OST during race scene did bring up heart pumping feeling as you watch them race. Especially OST such as Night of Fire, Space Boy, Rage your dream & etcs. Man, gotta find those OSTs again.

4. Race scene

It’s Initial D. An anime about street racing. What is there if we don’t talk about race scene.Once again, anime series win hands down. Not saying that the movie totally sucked but the feels aren’t enough. Perhaps it is because it’s such a short movie (about 62 mins) and they had to cramped 3-4 episodes of Stage 1 in, the race scene is just too short. At this era, I kinda expect the race scene to have more omph in it vs the anime series but nope.

I did feel excited at some point but just when the excitement built up, it just got extinguished there and then. Talk about being turned off. -_-”


Overall, I feel the movie is okay but it would have been better if they didn’t restrict it to a 1 hour movie just to built more.

I’m saying more from the anime perspective cause I never really did read the manga (just read few volumes).

A lot of things happened at the same time in the movie in order to shorten the whole thing.

Unfortunately, it still didn’t gave them enough time to build up the race scene which is supposed to be the key component for Initial D.

Nevertheless, it did made me watch Initial D again.

I definitely need more of Ryosuke. Lol.

If I really need to give a verdict, I would say 2.5/5.

It never did gave me the same feels as I did when I first watch Initial D anime series

I remembered I used to watch Initial D the whole day after school and I spent the whole day of school waiting to go home and continue.

Nevertheless, I guess I will still watch the 2nd movie when it is out.



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