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Goodbye, 2014.

I said I would be back.

I tried.

At the end of the day, I felt drained out, I just gave up writing.

It’s nearing the end of the year.

I still feel like I haven’t accomplish much.

Sure I did move on, take on the many challenges in life, did so many things but I still feel like I’m no where.

Where am I?

I thought about it and two songs really summarized my year.

Sliding Door by Ellegarden & Voice by Taka x P.T.P.

At the end, it wasn’t that I’m not going anywhere.

I’m being blocked by the sliding door and behind was all my dreams.

I’ve chased after the shadow, looking an answer but all I get was questions & questions.

I guess I should get out from this year end emo-ness and talk about other stuff.

I guess Y2014 was best for me because I get to travel a lot.

In a span of a year, I’ve been to Gold Coast (Australia), Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam), Yunnan (China), Hanoi (Vietnam).

Never dreamed that I get to travel so much, see & experience so many things.

Distant Worlds came back & I get to hear those breath taking songs live again.

I moved up in my career.

I guess the sad parts in Y2014 was that there have been a lot of farewells.

People whom I used to hang out with in office left one by one.

It’s quite a sad thing.

It’s hard to build rs in office, especially for me since it takes me a while to warm up.

Then again, no one remains at the same place forever.

When you gotta leave, you leave.

It’s just like 2014.

You can’t stop the time and it just slips away.

I should really sit aside and think about 2015.


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This is not a review: Initial D The Movie: Legend 1 Awakening

Just watched Initial D The Movie: Legend 1 Awakening last night.

Saw the trailer few weeks ago and being an Initial D fan back when I was in  high school, I decided to watch to re-ignite the love for this anime.

After that, today I decided to re-watch the First Stage.

Here are my thoughts on the movie:

1. Artworks

Definitely better graphics vs the anime series that started 1998. Some comparison below.

Much defined colours & cleaner art styles.

Below are the posters & artworks of the movie & series.

2. Voice actor

Not much comment as I used to watch in Cantonese dub.

I just watched in Japanese dub a moment ago with my beloved seiyuu, Shinichirou Miki as Takumi (bias because he voiced my beloved Tsuzuki-san). The new movie have Mamoru Miyano as Takumi.

Somehow, the feels that the character gave out feels different. I wonder if it’s because Shinichirou Miki’s are slightly deeper than Mamoru Miyano. Nevertheless, I think I can accept Mamoru Miyano as Takumi’s voice.


3. Music

Anime series win hands down in terms of OST. Avex did a great job with the beat and the OST during race scene did bring up heart pumping feeling as you watch them race. Especially OST such as Night of Fire, Space Boy, Rage your dream & etcs. Man, gotta find those OSTs again.

4. Race scene

It’s Initial D. An anime about street racing. What is there if we don’t talk about race scene.Once again, anime series win hands down. Not saying that the movie totally sucked but the feels aren’t enough. Perhaps it is because it’s such a short movie (about 62 mins) and they had to cramped 3-4 episodes of Stage 1 in, the race scene is just too short. At this era, I kinda expect the race scene to have more omph in it vs the anime series but nope.

I did feel excited at some point but just when the excitement built up, it just got extinguished there and then. Talk about being turned off. -_-”


Overall, I feel the movie is okay but it would have been better if they didn’t restrict it to a 1 hour movie just to built more.

I’m saying more from the anime perspective cause I never really did read the manga (just read few volumes).

A lot of things happened at the same time in the movie in order to shorten the whole thing.

Unfortunately, it still didn’t gave them enough time to build up the race scene which is supposed to be the key component for Initial D.

Nevertheless, it did made me watch Initial D again.

I definitely need more of Ryosuke. Lol.

If I really need to give a verdict, I would say 2.5/5.

It never did gave me the same feels as I did when I first watch Initial D anime series

I remembered I used to watch Initial D the whole day after school and I spent the whole day of school waiting to go home and continue.

Nevertheless, I guess I will still watch the 2nd movie when it is out.


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Distant Worlds: Final Fantasy

My first Distant Worlds: Final Fantasy concert was almost 2 years ago.

From then onward, I wished hard for them to be back.

Perhaps we all wished hard enough that two months ago, Distant Worlds official Facebook page announced that Arnie Roth will be back to Malaysia and perform with the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra and Dithyrambic Singers over the course of 3 days.

Of course I hogged the computer the night before they release to get the tickets.


Luckily I did cause the tickets were fully sold out after a while. *phew*

DSC_0067 with watermark

They started the night with Prelude, a must have in almost all Final Fantasy start screen before moving to the next exciting piece, Liberi Fatali from Final Fantasy 8.

At the start of the two songs, I actually teared up as it brought back too many of the JRPG memories.

Especially that most of the songs are accompanied by the cut scenes from the games.


This year’s playlist was slightly different from the previous year’s with some new songs.

One of it was Hymm of the Fayth that was brilliant done by the Dithyrambic Singers which was seamlessly followed by Zanarkand.

This is the 2nd song that I teared at. (Part of the reason was due to the cut scenes)


Nevertheless, one of the cutest theme of all must be the Chocobo Medley.

It’s so cute that even you want to shout ‘C-H-O-C-O-B-O’ along with the choir.

Even the cut scenes is enough to melt your heart. ❤

(Baby Chocobo on an afro head, baby Chocobo shaking their butt-  how not to melt your heart!?)


Few other songs that I enjoyed much are:

1. Dancing Mad  – As promised by Arnie Roth, we saw a lot of Kafka and his butt spanking moments.

2. Final Fantasy 7’s main theme – I laughed at this song when they showed the cut scene of Cloud trying to save Tifa by cross dressing.

3. Battle & Victory Theme Medley – Made me felt like playing Final Fantasy all over again and fight all the battles.

4. Opera ‘Maria & Draco’ – A new and improved version of the Opera additional parts such as Narrator to narrate the story for a better understanding of the opera.


Lastly they ended the concert with Final Fantasy series’ Main Theme that was used in all the credits.

Then again, that’s not the last.

What is Distant Worlds: Final Fantasy without Sephiroth’s theme, One Winged Angel?

It’s so significant that it must be played everywhere, VGL included.


Overall, the feeling while in the concert was awesome.

At some point, I just closed my eyes to fully focus on the song and the feeling was so great that I stopped breathing.

In addition, I felt that the Dithyrambic Singers did a good job, even better than the previous one.

It’s definitely a night to remember!



  1. Final Fantasy Series: Prelude
  2. Final Fantasy VIII: Liberi Fatali
  3. Final Fantasy Series: Victory Theme
  4. Final Fantasy IV: Battle with the Four Fiends
  5. Final Fantasy VII: Main Theme
  6. Final Fantasy XI: Fighters of the Crystal
  7. Final Fantasy VI: Dancing Mad
  8. Lightning Returns:
  9. Final Fantasy XIII: Light Eternal
  10. Final Fantasy IX: Not Alone
  11. Final Fantasy Series: Chocobo Medly 2012
  12. Final Fantasy VII: Opening – Bombing Mission
  13. Final Fantasy VIII: Fisherman’s Horizon
  14. Final Fantasy XII: The Dalmasca Estersand
  15. Final Fantasy VIII: Don’t be Afraid
  16. Final Fantasy X: Hymm of the Fayth
  17. Final Fantasy X: Zanarkand
  18. Final Fantasy Series: Battle & Victory Theme Medley
  19. Final Fantasy VI: Opera ‘Maria & Draco’
  20. Final Fantasy Series: Main Theme
  21. Encore: One Winged Angel

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For Fruits Basket

When I was younger, anime used to be quite hard to come by for me.

I would hog the free-to-air TV on weekends to watch anime/cartoons in the most horrible BM dubs.

(Yes, I still cringed in horror when I hear those horribly dubbed stuff)

Occasionally, I would buy some BM translated mangas as there is only a handful title that was translated.

(Yes again, I’m a banana who doesn’t know how to read a single word of Chinese)

I used to rent tapes with my sister- watching City Hunter (was my fav. back then)

After that, I started to obsess about Sailor Moon for the longest time I can remember.

Then Astro came by and later, they have AXN which airs subbed anime during the evening slot.

It’s from this I watched Fushigi Yuugi, Gensomaden Saiyuki, Ayashi no Ceres, Vandread and so on.

Later I discovered this shop near where I stayed renting out animes!

I jumped at this, though I can only rent that much due to budget constraint.


It was here I discovered ‘Fruits Basket’ a.k.a Furuba.


At first, I wasn’t that impressed with the art work since I’m not a fan of big doe eyed girls.

But since I have rented it, might as well.


Gradually, I was sucked into the storyline.

Furuba is a story that revolves around a girl’s encounter with a family cursed by the 12 zodiacs (based on the Chinese beliefs) and their struggle to break free from curse to live their own life.

It’s a shoujo manga that talks about many different perspective of life, the struggle, the pain and the happiness.

I can say, this manga influenced me a lot in my life and how I turned out to be.

At that point of time, it made me thought of all the insecurities that I had.

Now that I think about it, it does reflect how we are.

Them being cursed by the zodiacs does not allow them to live a normal life.

They struggle to look normal, to be accepted to people.

It’s like how we all being molded into that society’s mold.

We tried to appear ‘normal’ like everyone else.

Putting on specific masks, so we won’t called as outcast.

At times, we tried so hard that it burdening us mentally and physically.


It’s been so long since I last picked up the book that I could barely remember much.

Perhaps time to re-read? 🙂

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Everywhere, you’ll find articles telling you to live the life that you seek for.

That life is too short for you to do things that you don’t love.

You need to break out.

You need to take the risk.

In any case, you agree.

Well, I agree.

Who wants to do things they hate for life? or things that they don’t have the passion for?

But at the same time, does everyone have the same right to choose?

If you are lucky, you can do any with a flick of fingers.

Surely you can work for it but at times, circumstances just does not allow it.

No matter what you do, you just can’t get rid of that life.

You counted on that life for many things, mostly important, a Life.


It’s so easy to say that one should drop everything and do what they dreamed of.


As we grow, we realized that dreams are like clouds.

They float further and further away.

Desperately, we tried to held on to it.

We get depressed, as we see that dream floats away.

Even when you tell yourself, you need to hold to it.

But it slipped through and you just want to give up.

To just go with the flow and let it be.

Telling yourself, maybe this is what I’m meant to do.


Is the message for myself?

I don’t know.

Perhaps I’m just like everyone else.

Stuck in between without a clue.





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Perhaps, I just to return, even for a short while.

Perhaps, I’m trying to write again?

I don’t know.

I just got this urge to start writing again.

I started blogging years ago… till Uni life started on me.


I love to write.

Sure.. I know my writing aren’t exactly that fantastic.

But I enjoyed it.

It helped me to cope with many things back then as I was going through the awkward days (not that it actually left me now).

It helped me to reflect on myself, express more than what I can think of.

I used to write all kinds of things – poems, fanfics, blogs & diaries.

I love to blog back then. Even the most minor things (Sure you’ll find the nonsense if you track back the past years’ postings)

Back then, words came quite naturally to me but in recent years, I kept losing focus.

I wonder if it’s because I’m forced to write too much… formal stuff that I’m losing touch?

Well, it shouldn’t happen actually.


To be honest, this is really a sudden urge that I came back in to blog again.

I guess training these few days reduced the amount stuff I need to write that made me feel like writing casually again?

…. Well, I don’t know.

But what I know, I’ve been trying to write again.

Starting from my blog, to the writing out the fanfic inspiration that have been playing over and over again in my head.

I do hope I can sustain it.


I wonder if my writing has changed or not.

Sure do hope it’s for the better.

Well, Good night for now.

See you if I do come back.


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Goodbye, Y2013

At the last day of Y2013, I guess it’s kinda the time where one would see a lot of posting about ‘last day of 2013’ & etcs.

That includes me.

For some reason, I felt nostalgic, trying to remember what happened in Y2013.

Perhaps below a short one on the key things that have happened in Y2013.

1. Being in the award winning team

– Yes, there were ups & downs where there were times I felt like giving up. I was at that point but then again, it is at times like this I need to continue to challenge myself over & over again. I wish to continue to strive for a better future. There were never a bright side to every coin, so no one is perfect. But what is perfect is when never give up in trying the best in whatever that you want to do.

2. Attended various concerts that I almost gave up in having them here in Malaysia

– Distant World & One Ok Rock. Till now, I’m still feel amazed…. Did I really attended those concerts? Distant World was amazing. When they play all those songs from Final Fantasy, I stopped breathing for a moment. I almost closed my eyes during the whole performance and just hear them, the perfect melody. Then… there is One Ok Rock. I kinda regret last year when I didn’t went for their SG’s concert with SJ. I admit that I wasn’t that big fan until after then. When they announced that they are coming, I just knew I have to go. It was so good that I had post concert depression. lol.

3. Visit Japan

– Everyone who knows me, knew that I dreamed to go Japan. That wish came true, thanks to him. He knew I love Japan and he brought me there. It was a trip that I’ll never forget & I intend to add more Japan visit plans to my upcoming vacation plan. Lol. I learned a lot about Japan. The good & the bad. Most importantly, I managed to get the things I wanted, visit places that I would like to see & create more memories. Yes, definitely a good trip I would say.

4. All the gatherings I had with my bunch of friends

– Since we started working, work had became the part of our life. Gradually, time spent hanging grew shorter & shorter. But I’m glad that everyone made time to see each other, celebrating each other’s birthday & offer an ear in moments of happiness, dumbness & sadness.

Of course, good memories are not just those but these are they few I want to highlight on.


At times, I felt that the year move past quickly. Quicker than I ever thought it would be.

There were so many changes, some much of things to learn & do.

Life have gotten more & more stressful and busy.

I barely have time for me to do the usual reflection that I used to do.

Before I knew it, all that I want to sit on it is long gone with time.

At times, I felt overwhelm by this sudden rush of time.

I do wonder if this is due to the fast moving pace of my current job where everything needs to be done immediately.


But I tell myself, no matter what.

Never regret.

Just trust the road that I have taken.

It brought me here.

I will work my way to what I feel is the best for me.

Yes, I will not give up without a fight.